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Welcome to Flicker & Soul

Greetings, it's amazing to have you here.  I've been itching to share with you what Flicker & Soul is! 

I started out many years ago (2014)  as a behavioral change specialist, and life coach when I was a personal trainer. Followed up with additional training in professional therapeutic arts, As you know I am a  a full time photographer and artist. Later down the line when I realized I was doing too much, and I had to take a step back . I chose that my primary direction was going to be in fine art photography. I had already booked a few shows around the country, and I finally fell at peace.

What truly helped me is utilizing my life coach and therapeutic art skills and training. Along with yoga a meditation I was able to let go, and not worry about all those things that would give me anxiety, And honestly, it didn’t matter. They were the small trivial but it was my own mind that gave me all the unnecessary anxiety.

I now teach others through art and meditation how to reach a goal, or unlock their hidden potential. Or sometimes just cope in today's society. There are so many way’s adding therapeutic arts can help you in day to day life.

When I am not on the road I help others through many forms of therapeutic arts, I myself try to get paint on canvas every week. It helps me keep calm, and focused through the ups and downs of the art world of which I live in.  I am excited to start sharing these pieces with you, and you can see the debut of new and unsold works in my home town of Brighton, Colorado in 2020 at Art in the Park!

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