No session fee with an award winning,  published photographer? Yes, I am offering free days in October. 
Get a 30 minute  session outside at Studios at GRACe  FREE with me.

Locations Vary! Rain, snow or shine, we shoot.  Be prepared for the fun unpredictability of Colorado weather. 

This session is perfect for updating your social media!  You have 30 minutes, what do you think you can get accomplished?

Times: 8-11am- 3-6pm (mid day hours are not recommended, due to high sun, but can be requested).


Send your top 3 dates and times, and I will try to accommodate your request.

Any questions? Click.

30 minutes: No session fee.

Each image: $12.99

Purchase 10 images: $99.99

Full album (min 30 images) : $229.99

Save time:

Prints, greeting cards and wall art also available for purchase too!

This is for 30 minute sessions only, they cannot be doubled. 

I  operate out rain or shine, so if you're not inclined to be photographed in rain or alternative components, please track the weather and cancel your session by deadline to avoid the late cancel fee.  Failure to cancel will be accepted as a willingness to be photographed at those components.

Cancellations must be with in 24 hour of your scheduled start time. 

In the event you don't appear to your session or you cancel after this time, you agree to pay a $40 fee to pay for loss of  time and forfeiture of other paid gigs.

Late fee starts at 10 minutes: $10. 15 minutes: $20. This is because there will be less time to meet the minimum images for a gallery. 

The kids rule. As a family and kid photographer I know that kids are not always photo ready on your schedule. But remember, candids of doing your parental thing result in amazing images too. They don't have to be perfectly polished to have an impact. Because those real moments have MORE of an impact. I always say bribe, bribe, bribe! Because, you have 30 minutes. There is no adding on time!

COVID - 19 Update:

AT this time this does not include in studio. I will be wearing a mask and will be using lenses  to achieve safe social distancing. If you are wearing something that would require help please bring assistance!

Basic editing is included!