Bad news , Good news time! Oh and a sale?

We made it to 2021 everyone, I seriously feel that we all deserve one of those track and field participation medals! That was a marathon, and I am exhausted. Because of 2020... (here it comes) I am closing the Denver location studio. Not Closing Optic Soul Photo, just the studio. I will be focusing on Hotel Boudoir, for the Boudoir aspect of my business. Events, portraits, family are not affected, but will mostly reserved for warmer months outside. Product photography is not affected, the drop off and pick up has changed.

Keep Scrolling for your Last Chance Offer!

BUT, this does mean "Fun February" is happening! You have starting today (1/24/21) until the last day in February to use this IN STUDIO offer (not applicable to product/branding sessions). So here is your offer:

1 hour max in studio: $250, Download 25 images edited (your choice) Other product a la carte.

90 minutes- 2 hour in studio: $375, the entire kit and caboodle of downloadable edited images minimum 75!

I will happily ensure your studio set is appropriate for your shoot!

This is a no frills package, no hair or makeup included, so please plan ahead.

The images will be full resolution, with BASIC print rights. I also offer printing to ensure that the colors and the look will uphold the beauty of your image. I also offer papers, and canvas that are professional quality so you will not have any sagging , or fading!

QUESTIONS? Ask away!

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