Falling for Fall, again!

Fall colors are a favorite of households in Colorado for family portraits. It is a simple act to love the stunning colors sprinkled across the sea of pines we expect to view as we push through our state parks, and local highways. Make the most of the panoramic place we call home and have your family portraits done this Fall. Even the most simple of parks create a stunning look for family fall portraits!

Here are a couple ideas to help prep for stunning Fall images!

Consider this moment right now. Consider the minutes, the laughs, the jokes, the stories which are your daily life right now -- this goofy face that your kiddo makes each time you sing their favorite song, that ball cap or hoodie your kiddos neglects to take off. The simple moments when the the kids drop their electronics to play rock, scissors, paper. Consider what defines your best today -- Now share those moments with me, so I can

make sure your images reflect who you are as a family. And bring to life things that are significant to you.

The number one prop I will tell you to bring is a blanket and bribe snacks along. But also consider a book to read together.  Professional photos are special because it takes a snapshot of the present. But in order to truly encapsulate this moment, you need to think about what you want to remember about this very minute in time – and then communicate it to me.

Check out Pinterest for inspiration for color schemes you like-- then, attempt to put together your own outfits to cooperate with that color scheme. Photography is visual, which that it helps to determine visual outfits put together. A cohesive look in your posed images , in addition to fun candid shots, will add a natural flow.

A fantastic guideline for choosing dresses/outfits out would be"less is more" It does not have to match, but maintaining a consistency of just two to three colors which tie the household together helps. In general, you want the photographs to reflect your loved ones and character, as long as everybody is comfy and joyful wearing what they're wearing, the greater your photograph encounter, and also the picture effects will be for everybody.

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