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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

How is every one? Hope you are all well. I know I am back to my normal schedule, kids are in school after the long Holiday break. For once I know what day it is! It was super hard for my break because we were on baby watch. I don't know if you remember my fall maternity shoot, well it turned into a delivery room photo shoot. Luckily it worked out as a scheduled induction, and it was off to the hospital. It was 10 hours of waiting, 20 minutes of labor, and 4 minutes (if that) of pushing. YES, that easy, 1..2..3... baby. Mom did warn us that the babies come fast with her. The birthing team was shocked, and I don't think I laughed so hard! Then just two and a half weeks later, it was newborn shoot with Maximus. This kid will forever be familiar with the sound of my camera shutter. 12 frames per second soothes him (lol).

There are a lot of new things happening at the studio, scroll down to see more...

This year Flicker & Soul was added to the website. I have been working in art therapy for the past 2 years. It started many years a go when I became a Behavior Change Specialist, and life coach. I use a combination of life coach skills, and the therapeutic arts. It's been very rewarding. The best part about it, it's got me back in my paint studio. I have been accepting commissions, and painting for myself. Some of these pieces have expanded onto VIDA ! VIDA is an environmental and socially conscious site that produces apparel and more in their zero waste facilities.

January also brings a new showing for one of my painted pieces. "Cluster" . It will hanging in the new city building in Brighton, Colorado ( available

for purchase). A second piece "Berry Patch" featured on VIDA is invited to show also, pending on space (here's hoping)!

February brings a live group show for ONE NIGHT. I will be back at RAW Denver! This year I will be bringing a curated collection of items from Flicker & Soul! I had a blast at the last RAW Denver, come to The Church Nightclub for an outstanding night or art, music and fashion! Tickets are on sale now, this is a ticketed only event 18+, your ticket purchase helps me pay for my booth fee (thank you in advance).

I hope to see you at PREMIERE , RAW Denver, in February. Come by, have some drinks, and see a diverse show.

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