Kid actors in the studio.

When you're like 4, you need to already have a portfolio. Head shots, commercial the whole package. This particular little one came in to the studio ready to work. There is nothing like some goofy energy to lighten up a room.

Sedona Rayne nails an action shot!

The great thing about images for such a young actor there really isn't any steadfast rules. Unlike the boring grown up headshots with that lean in dramatic look. There's a lot more freedom, just as long as the photo shoot shows some range.

Don't stop shooting, because the little energy does not stop.

Kids are non stop, and sometimes corralling chickens is easier. I myself have two children, so I am good at corralling chickens! #momlife But for this #PhotoShoot it was all about redirection, and only have mom on set. Too many people on set can have an opposite effect. Although these future actors have to learn to deal with a lot of eyes, it just seems counterproductive for a photoshoot.

I will say, it is a little easier to work with kiddos that have acting coaches, but in the long run, kids will be kids. On the set little Miss Sedona was a rock star. She was very easy to direct, and absolutely no bribery! This is why Sedona got the biggest reward, ending the day with glitter! It was fun to do my signature shot on a kids photo shoot.

See the full range of looks we did for this shoot here.

Do you have a child, or kid actor? Or interested in a similar photo shoot? Please contact me for details. I will be happy to have your little on here in the Denver Studios.

Located in Denver, Colorado with 25 years of experience, and a mom of two kids, and 8 fur babies!

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