So, What cha' doin?

Hello my lovelies!

Like many, we are doing a lot of nothing or something at home. The state has temporarily closed G.R.A.Ce Studios. So without the studio, and with out all of you, I too am not doing much photography. That has been hard, if you know me I am an extrovert! So I decided to join the front lines with essential workers and get to work. It's not much, but it keeps me going until I get to see your faces for really-reals!

There are many thing's that are on pause, but when we restart we have Class of 2020 to congratulate, and capture.

Class of 2020 has been dealt a rough hand. I am guessing its going to make them stronger! Senior portraits are not canceled, but I do recommend getting your graduate a gift card for their graduation pictures!

There are so many speculated reopen dates, I don't want to say an official date yet

.Once I figure it all out we will be ready to go.

We are all in this together!

I have made shopping for my most popular services now all on line. You can

pre-purchase a package to save for later, or purchase a gift card. If you already I have a tentative date, you can purchase through the 'Book Now' button on the services page.

I want to hit that un-pause button so badly! But I will be here ready to hit the ground running to capture your life in motion.

Virtual Hugs,

Amanda J. Armstrong

Current Art Shows:

#SOOSOS (Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas)

This is an Juried show, to create awareness of the ocean pollution. A few of my images from the "Mother Ocean" collection is in this show.

This collection is a continuation from my "Mother Earth" series that exhibited in NYC, and London. I believe Mother Earth is many elements, and this was about the water element. I shows Mother Ocean in her element, but she is choking on the single use plastic discarded in her home. I am especially proud of the gown she is wearing, it is all made from 'plarn'. That's right! Plarn is plastic yarn. I sat at the table for hours cutting up bags, and then rolled them up like big yarn balls. Then I crochet all of this 'Plarn' in to her gown. As always I created her crown from recyclables and the set it a collection of my own recyclables, and reused sets.

You can now she this show here.

Upcomming Deals:

Mothers Day, is already live. Buy, book, or grab a gift card!

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