The mother of all days!

My mission at Optic Soul Photo is capturing your families spirit & soul with sincerity, honesty and pride.

"The family unit is a collection of wonderful souls that were destined in the stars."

We don't always live life knowing where the lefts socks go. The kids are not always going to get out of bed on time. Our lives are not one of those perfectly posed Instagram squares.

"I have built my my photography values on the natural chaos of family life. I love authentic spontaneous moments."

It's OK if the toddler decides that the photo shoot is the perfect time for a melt down. I know its not so cute on your stress level, BUT I promise you as a mom its OK. I have seen enough melt downs in front of the camera to say, there is a cute candid image about to happen. Do your thing, and lets frame your authentic moment. I will also add, every newborn will pee on you as soon as the diaper comes off. Let it happen, we're all going to laugh... and laugh hard.

My mission for you is not just to get you a ton of digital's. I want to create art for your walls. I am here to serve you and your walls that are your home. In this digital life we are living and sharing these moments in a 2 x 6 rectangle. Once its shared, liked, and scrolled, its forgotten. Once the screen goes black the moment is lost. Your daily life should be surrounded by the moments that have created who your family is now. You deserve something bigger and better!

Let's get together to celebrate you, your family, and your life.
Our photo journey starts at your first meeting, where we talk about your outcome for your special day. After the shoot I will still be here to help you design and create whats right for you and your home or even office. I am here to serve you as your photographer, I do not dump a bunch of digital's on you and run. We curate the right session and products for you.

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