The ReBrand, the future and some of that Muay Thai on the side.

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

I did not go anywhere, it was just time for a rebrand. It was in the work from back in Fall of 2018. But why? Although I had grown so fast in the combat sports arena it was slowly taking over. NOT complaining it's amazing. I had spent years on the road with HBO, UFC Fight Pass and Top Rank on ESPN. Heck, even made it to ringside, and it wasn't a one off occasion. Slowly everything else seemed to take a back seat, uh oh, That is not good for the soul at all. Half way through 2018 I had landed some huge art shows in NYC and South Beach Miami. It was time to decide how to balance life, photography, and soul. Have I left National sports photography? NO, just scheduling is a more of a challenge that is all.

Top Rank Boxing, Ringside, Bob Arum, Ray Beltran, Crystina Poncher, Amanda Armstrong , Denver Photographer, Sports Photography, Boxing, Top Rank , Espn
Ringside exclusive, Bob Arum, Ray Beltran, and Crystina Poncher

I started photography in the 90's in school. I shot on film, because there was no other choice. I studied in art, photography, and film. Fast forward to now I realized I have A LOT of years under my belt and I am at that pinnacle point in my career to choose.

The new branding reflects where I am at, and expresses my new growth. I am very fine art focused and I have put a lot of time into that on Amanda J Armstrong (some images NSFW). I am now doing more film ventures with the crew at Cafe Crash where they celebrate the creative collaboration. All though I am still professionally shooting it is at a more limited capacity.

Fine art photography, amanda j armstrong. art, denver artist, denver art, denver artist, Aine art photographer , colorado, art show , exhibit,
Fine Art Photography in Studio

Photography is still my job, career, art form, and my everything. Just life balance is more my thing these days. 2019 is looking action packed. I will be in three shows, starting in February in Denver, March in NYC, and end of March Italy. YES, ITALY!

Here at home I still make time for Muay Thai. I will absolutely plan and schedule for this promotion. Working with 5280 has been a high flying kick to the head of an adventure. I enjoy the spirit of the sport, and watching the growth of these young athletes. This promotion is offers a rare stage to those looking to start their combat sport career. Many of the fights on any given card are littered with debut bouts. Does this make is any less interesting, or any less than a professional fighter? Absolutely not! I am overwhelmed at the level of competition and skill these young people bring to the ring. And they take it seriously.

It was also exciting bringing in the crew from Cafe Crash to the January 26th event. These seasoned filmmakers (whom I also collaborate, and film with) projects range from comedy, horror to sports comedy (yes it's a thing) with Lucha Libre and Laughs!

To purchase images from this event: Click Here

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