This might be a bad idea but...

Well this year it's time to throw the rules right out of the window. I have been trying to navigate this harsh landscape and it's taking its toll on me. I am a micro business losing the battle to large companies.

So let's just throw caution to the wind shall we? I am going to challenge myself to work even harder for you. I am tossing away session fees for my 30 minute sessions. You only buy what you need!

What can you do in 30 minutes? You can follow my lead and have yourself an amazing portrait session. Or, you can be in charge, and make it a DIY session. Bring your own props, your product... make social media content for yourself... The sky's the limit. But 30 minutes IS the limit.

No session fee with an award winning, published photographer? Yes, I am offering free days in October. Get a 30 minute session outside at Studios at GRACe FREE with me.

. Experience a colorful urban park, and natural surroundings, all located at RiNo Art Districts' most unique DIY artist space.

This session is perfect for updating your social media! You have 30 minutes, what do you think you can get accomplished? Dates: October: 10-11 , 17-18, 24-25 Time: 8-11am- 3-6pm (mid day hours are not recommended, due to high sun, but can be requested).


Send your top 3 dates and times, and I will try to accommodate your request.


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