Update From the Clio Art Fair!

Hi friends, yes I am back in NYC again for my 3rd edition of the Clio Art Fair.

Today is the last day too so that means an update!

I am so happy to announce my next show in Washington DC, (first time ever), how cool is that? I am happy to be working with Art Impact International. They truly stand behind artists. I am absolutely humbled at the ,lengths they go for their artists. I will exhibit two of my pieces that were showcased with the Alessandro Berni Gallery at World Art Dubai.

I love these pieces so much, because I specifically shot for Dubai, with respect to the culture. Being in Dubai for the first time was a joyful surprise. So much verbal compliments from show goers, VIPS and some amazing local Emirates!

Now these images (bigger), will be displayed in CHROMA.

Please check out the work they have done for their artists (and myself) below:

Find out more:


Love to all!

#Peace #Love #Equality #DontTreadOnMe !

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